We are incapable creatures

Lets face it

We are incapable creatures

Okay, I’ll slow down and pace it

Cause I know they have encased it

So as to contain it

 And avoid our knowledge of it.


It, the capability to admit our incapability

For strength lies in knowing our limits

They, the dreamers of society

Feeds dreams about how you can do anything

Seeds planted into conscious

Grows the belief of the achievability of anything

The unrealistic preserved as realistic

Static statistics about stationary outcomes

Out  comes entrapping beliefs that we can, when actually we can’t.


The sky’s the limit, that’s fiction

Understand that this is a serious condition

And we all need help to fix this misconception

We are incapable creatures, and its okay…






I think i might just be inlove with your mind

Tall,Dark and Handsome u not.
Big arms, Thick chest u don’t got.
But somehow my attention was grabbed so quick by ur affection towards what seems to be the not so common things of this world.
Maybe its the way you presented it to me.
Maybe as I lay thinkn about how you said it to me
unwrapped it to me
I think I might just be inlove with your mind
You see your words turn me on
The sound of ur voice as u release every letter gives me chills up my spine.
Same chills run down my spine as the letters reveal the treasures of ur thoughts.
Don’t get it twisted, its not u I’m inlove with…
I think I might just be inlove with your mind.

Forget Speed… LOVE KILLS

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son…
Its time to face the facts about this thing here called love.
Its general association is always pure coleration with happiness,peace,joy and order
I said its time to face the fact about this thing here called love.
Its time to face the fact….

Today I stand to represent all the negative actions done in the name of love.
Today I land the view against the shy eye towards how powerful love is.
The earth is moved by love, it stands in awe of its glory.
It was the love of power, that made The Apartheid
It was the love of fame that made them give away their souls
It was the love of women, that made him cheat
It was the love of “having”, that made her date the old man
It was the love of image, that made them live fake lives
It was the love of meaningfulnes, that made them spread Aids
It was the love of “love”that made him beat her
It was the love of “love” that made her stay
It was the love for the world that made Jesus a sacrifice.
Let’s forget speed… LOVE KILLS


Sucked back into that darkness

Pitter patters from them small devils ceeping into my concious.

Poisonous dopes of that uneasy feeling.

Seesaw emotions felt, but the pivot being a square.

No options, just silence, just still-ness, no movements, just NOTHING.

Heavyness drawing strength to remain from my stability,

Instability a continuous war.

Flooded by so many shouldnt haves

Even drowning on my still coulds.

Childhood nightmares ahold of mature actions

Tender heart been kicked around to much.

I strap myself,tap tap tap, find the vein antibiotic shot…

I hear the pitter, patters from them small devils faaaaaading into the distance.

 High on medication, avoided motions…

 The reality of an antibiotic shot dwells upon me.

Antibiotics never really take the infection away, just that strain

A scary’er more monsterous strain is alwyas waiting to infect you

Never forget that….



Hear the sound of the air escaping from a tiny puncture

Hear this constant sound, hear its hypnotising ability, hear how it creeps upon you, making sure not to startle you, see how it leaves you FLAT.

Air molecules competing against each other to reach the exit first.

Shoving and pushing and shoving and pushing, moving and bumping and moving and bumping

It’s the battle of the fittest, it’s the battle of the ruthless.

The screams of those still left behind echoes in the distance, as the sweet escapes push on taking care not look back.

I introduce to you, the disabling ability of pressure

A harmful affect to all your treasure

Hey, don’t ever fall into its trap

The traps convincing you that time is never on your side

The traps convincing you that time is a derivative of pressure

Was it not human that created time?

In the beginning the earth was formless and dark

God said let there be light and there was light

He called light day, and darkness night

On earth the only constraints should be day and night

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years those are limits you choose to live by.


I do not care – The Daily Prayer

I do not care…

I do not care of all that has gone wrong thus far.

I do not care that I’ve somehow managed to lower the bar.

You sit and point fingers at me, roll off your chairs from laughing at me, discuss my failures endlessly, spitefully speaking against my ability at being human.

I do not care

I do not care because HE loves me either way

I may sway, and go astray

Off the rail, into the hail.

I do not care because my stench is masked by his love.

I do not care

I do not care because you were never there

Not even to maybe stare

You didnt see what I saw,You didn’t feel what I felt, You didn’t go where I went

That is why I do not care what u think

Because I see that you are not my link…..

to God

One day is one day

One day is One Day


Oneday i will run free

free from all the spree’s of bad luck that life seems to present to me.

Someday i will free myself from all this self hatred i have manged to accumulate,

i would like to not substantiate.

Critically, i observe my life

although Christianically, as much as i can observe, and preserve my emotions

and try to control my own comotions

FACT God is on that throne

You see, he know me before i came on to this world

undrestand that this is man that knows the number of hairs on my head

and mind you he doesnt round off, he knows even the decimals.

Yes, chemicals do make it subside

But, he is besides me all the time

and all i need do is call up on him.

One day i will run free. but untill that day arrives …

Oneday is Oneday